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: 2024-01-13


Starting right from primary education, to higher education, and then choosing a career to excel in it, reading skills contribute at every stage of an individual’s life. 

It requires a person to be patient while reading and and therefore, building cognitive perspective. It is a brain stimulating activity that allows our brain to wander and expand our imagination. 

It further develops skills in other areas such as: 

  1. BUILDING FOCUS: Once we develop reading habits and we sit with patience, there is a certain time frame which is needed to read even the shortest of texts and in that time frame, our body and mind is mindfully attentive to the text, therefore, building focus and elongated reading time. 
  2. SHARPENS MEMORY: When an individual reads, they subconsciously remember every story or article or news that they read, this contributes in sharpening the memory in the long run. 
  3. STRENGTHENING WRITING ABILITY: While reading, we come across many new words and phrases along with how they can be used in writing. So, when we pen down our thoughts on paper, we try to use different and new words in it, bringing our newly gained knowledge of words into practice. 
  4. INCREASING VOCABULARY: When we find new words while reading, we look up for them on the internet, ultimately increasing our vocabulary. In every paragraph we read, we find at least 2-3 words which are new to us. Now, if we read 2 pages everyday, imagine how our vocabulary learning will escalate. 
  5. FLUENCY: 
You might think that fluency is a skill which only benefits you in an English class but it also plays a major role in communication skills. It is the ability to read aloud with correct pronunciation, contextual expression and the right pace.

Children have fresh minds which learn and unlearn behaviours very quickly and grab everything taught to them at a quick speed. Therefore, it is best for individuals to instill these skills at a young age. We have covered all the major ways to read and develop reading skills in your child.