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Let's build a learning ladder to rank our skill strengths. We provide courses at the beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and proficient levels, allowing learners to progress at their own pace and gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed..

Each level builds upon the previous one, resulting in a comprehensive and structured learning experience. Our expert instructors offer personalized attention and support to learners in order to help them achieve their goals and excel in their chosen fields.

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High on Demand courses

Intelligence Vidyarthi's trending courses section highlights most the popular and in-demand courses. These courses have been meticulously designed to meet the needs of students and professionals looking to develop skill sets in rapidly changing industries. Our trending courses provide comprehensive training and hands-on experience in variety of areas. Our instructors are subject matter experts, and our cutting-edge facilities ensure that students have a high-quality learning experience.

Public Speaking

Course Starting From ₹1500

Mastering The Art Of Oratory

Course Starting From ₹44000


Course Starting From ₹44000

Dance Fitness Program

Course Starting From ₹7500

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