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This course is designed to develop practical skills which apply in everyday life and lead to academic success. You will become an excellent critical thinker and problem solver. We’re here to make you learn and assist you anytime, anywhere!



Reinforcement of the concepts taught during the online class through assignments and worksheets for long-tern retention, continued learning and improvement.


Affordable and collaborative learning environment, providing opportunities to enhance confidence, speaking skills and grow as an effective communicator through learning from a wide range of viewpoints.


Interactive and engaging live classes from highly experienced educators with personalized feedback thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.

1 ON 1

Focused, personalized attention and a supportive learning environment to cater to the student's preferred learning style.

This Abacus course is a perfect fit for you if you-

Want to boost your memory and imagination.

Want to enhance quantitative thinking and problem solving.

Want to practice Math stress free.

Want to develop the ability to multitask.

Want to gain proficiency in Math.

Want to keep your brain quick and sharp.

What will you achieve from this Abacus course?

Attain rapid calculation speed and be brain-fit.
Perform complicated calculations without pen and paper.
Improve listening skills and focus.
Master arithmetic and number sense.

Choose your plan

    1. 72 CLASSES
    2. 1 - 1 LIVE SESSIONS
    3. Addition & Subtraction
    4. Multiplication Tricks
    5. Division Tricks
    6. Squaring & Cubing
    7. Square Root & Cube Root
    8. Calculation Shortcuts
    9. Certification (Accredited by STEM)

Get Certified and stay on top of your game!

Get course certificates as soon as your assignments are over!