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Hindi Language


This course offers a structured curriculum catering to various proficiency levels, encompassing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Beginning with the fundamentals of the Devanagari script, basic vocabulary, and phrases, the course progresses to intermediate and advanced levels, moving into complex grammar, idiomatic expressions, and cultural contexts. Regular assessments and assignments, including quizzes ensure a well-rounded understanding, preparing learners to navigate real-world Hindi-speaking environments with confidence and competence. -COURSE DURATION: 6 MONTHS. -MODIFICATIONS CAN BE MADE AS PER REQUIREMENT.



Reinforcement of the concepts taught during the online class through assignments and worksheets for long-tern retention, continued learning and improvement.


Affordable and collaborative learning environment, providing opportunities to enhance confidence, speaking skills and grow as an effective communicator through learning from a wide range of viewpoints.


Interactive and engaging live classes from highly experienced educators with personalized feedback thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.

1 ON 1

Focused, personalized attention and a supportive learning environment to cater to the student's preferred learning style.

This Hindi Language course is a perfect fit for you if you-

Want to learn one of the official languages of our country.

Want to inculcate reading, speaking and listening skills in Hindi.

Want to have improved memory and problem solving skills.

Want to dive deep into the culture and heritage of our country through Hindi.

Want to learn new words and their pronunciation.

Are a foreigner residing in India and need to learn Hindi for daily interactions (business and formal),  and better integration.

What will you achieve from this Hindi Language course?

Engage in a structured Hindi learning curriculum that covers reading, writing, and comprehension.
Build confidence in speaking Hindi through interactive speaking sessions and real-life conversation practice.
Expand your Hindi vocabulary with a focus on everyday usage and specialized terminology.
Receive comprehensive Hindi language training designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

Choose your plan

Level 1
    1. 120 SESSIONS.
    2. 1 - 1 LIVE SESSIONS.
    3. वर्णमाला.
    4. व्याकरण भाषा.
    5. मात्राएँ.
    6. कविता.
    7. कहानी.
    8. शब्दकोश तथा उच्चारण विधि.
    9. Certification (Accredited by STEM).
Level 2
    1. 120 SESSIONS.
    2. 1 - 1 LIVE SESSIONS.
    3. व्याकरण भाषा.
    4. वर्ण विभाग.
    5. शब्द विभाग.
    6. पद्य विभाग.
    7. लेखन के विविध रूप.
    8. शब्दकोश तथा उच्चारण विधि.
    9. Certification (Accredited by STEM).

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