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Rhymes Class | Intelligence Vidyarthi


The Rhymes I Twinkle Twinkle Little Star course is designed to develop rhythmic knowledge and poetic skills in learners at a young age. It will expand their imaginative capabilities and allow them to have a fun learning experience. -DURATION: 1 MONTH/ 2 MONTHS. -1 ON 1 LIVE SESSIONS/ GROUP SESSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE. -SCHEDULE: 6 DAYS A WEEK. -MODIFICATIONS CAN BE MADE AS PER REQUIREMENT. 



Reinforcement of the concepts taught during the online class through assignments and worksheets for long-tern retention, continued learning and improvement.


Affordable and collaborative learning environment, providing opportunities to enhance confidence, speaking skills and grow as an effective communicator through learning from a wide range of viewpoints.


Interactive and engaging live classes from highly experienced educators with personalized feedback thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.

1 ON 1

Focused, personalized attention and a supportive learning environment to cater to the student's preferred learning style.

This Rhymes course is a perfect fit for you if you-

Want your child to develop their language skills, including vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension.

Feel that your child is not able to recite rhymes/ sing songs and talk in front of others.

Feel that your child lacks the love for learning rhymes.

Feel that your child has stage fear.

Want to encourage imaginative and creative thinking in your child.

Want to boost your child's self-confidence and presentation skills.

What will you achieve from this Rhymes course?

Your child to express emotions and understand their feelings in an enjoyable manner.
Introduce your child to different traditions and customs from around the world.
In developing critical thinking and problem solving skills at a young age.
Have control and fluency in the English language from a very young age.

Choose your plan

Rise Up
    1. Reciting Rhymes.
    2. Understanding Rhythm
    3. Vocabulary Building.
    4. Pronunciation Exercises.
    5. Communication Skills.
    6. Body Language.
    7. Creative Expression.
    8. Different Styles.
    9. Certification (Accredited by STEM).

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