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Table Etiquette Classes | Intelligence Vidyarthi
Table Manners and Etiquette


"Elevate every meal, every occasion" Opting for this course will polish your social skills, boost confidence and improve your dining experience. It is a must to inculcate dining etiquette for first impressions and we are here for you. -1 ON 1 LIVE SESSIONS. -DURATION: 1 MONTH. -SCHEDULE: 6 DAYS A WEEK. 



Reinforcement of the concepts taught during the online class through assignments and worksheets for long-tern retention, continued learning and improvement.


Affordable and collaborative learning environment, providing opportunities to enhance confidence, speaking skills and grow as an effective communicator through learning from a wide range of viewpoints.


Interactive and engaging live classes from highly experienced educators with personalized feedback thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.

1 ON 1

Focused, personalized attention and a supportive learning environment to cater to the student's preferred learning style.

This Table Manners and Etiquette course is a perfect fit for you if you-

Appear confused while using cutlery.

Want to inculcate table etiquette. 

Want to be well mannered at formal and professional dining.

Feel that you are not good at short conversations over dinner.

Are not able to leave a positive impression and reflect well on your professionalism in business meetings conducted over meals.

Want to develop self confidence and self esteem.

What will you achieve from this Table Manners and Etiquette course?

Present yourself well and leave excellent first impressions.
Develop leadership and communication skills.
Have an enhanced dining experience.
Boost your self-confidence, by removing uncertainty and anxiety about dining in different settings.

Choose your plan

    1. Social Dining/ Business Dining.
    2. Table Setting.
    3. Cutlery Use.
    4. Ordering Food.
    5. Body Language and Posture.
    6. American/ Continental Dining.
    7. Soup/Salad and much more..
    8. Modifications as per need.
    9. Certification (Accredited by STEM).

Get Certified and stay on top of your game!

Get course certificates as soon as your assignments are over!