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Yes, there is support available if you have any queries. You can contact our customer service team through the website or send an email on or and we will be happy to answer any questions or resolve concerns.
Better confidence, improved communication skills, reduced anxiety around public, ability to articulate thoughts clearly and concisely.
We have career opportunities for teachers, administrators and counselors.
Intelligence Vidyarthi offers an environment that is safe, supportive and conducive to learning.
Parent Teacher interaction can be done with an appointment.
In one batch there can be 1, 3, 6 or 10 students depending upon your requirement and the age group.
You will be updated about your performance/ child’s performance every end of the month.
Each session/ class will be of 45-60 mins.
6 days in a week (3 learning and 3 assignment sessions).
The classes are flexible in terms of timing.
The course duration can vary depending on the specific needs and may range from 1 month to one year.
You can choose the course that you want to enrol into and generate an enquiry about the same. You will receive a call back from our customer care team.
Intelligence Vidyarthi is an online education and grooming platform that offers courses like Public Speaking, Phonics, English Conversation, Mental Math, Abacus, English Grammar, Oratory etc.
Taking classes from Intelligence Vidyarthi can provide a number of benefits, including: 1. Access to experienced educators who can provide personalized guidance and teaching tailored to the individual's needs. 2. Quality study material with clear and concise explanations that can help learners understand complex topics. 3. A comprehensive syllabus covering topics relevant to a learner's learning goals. 4. Engaging and interactive learning activities that help improve learners' comprehension. 5. Access to a wide range of resources and reference materials to help reinforce learning. 6. Regular tests and assessments that help track and measure progress.
Yes, Intelligence Vidyarthi's classes are suitable for both kids and adults. Their classes are designed to accommodate a wide range of ages and abilities to ensure that everyone can benefit from their learning solutions.