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A beginner-level course is intended for those who have little to no prior knowledge or experience in the subject. It provides an introduction to the basic concepts and terminology and may include practical exercises or assignments to reinforce learning. The goal of this type, of course, is to help students build a foundation of knowledge and skills that they can continue to develop over time.


An elementary-level course is intended for young learners and provides a basic introduction to a subject in a fun and engaging manner. It focuses on fundamental skill and concept development through interactive activities, games, and storytelling. The course aims to instill a love of learning in children and encourage them to pursue their interests further.

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An intermediate-level course strengthens the knowledge and skills learned in a beginner-level course. It aims to increase comprehension by introducing more complex concepts and providing practical applications. Students are encouraged to think critically, solve problems, and conduct independent research. This type, of course, is ideal for people who want to expand their knowledge or advance in their careers.


An advanced-level course is intended for students who have a strong foundation in the subject and want to advance their knowledge. It covers advanced theories, concepts, and practical applications, requiring students to independently analyze and synthesize information. The course may include research projects, case studies, and peer collaboration to create innovative solutions. This course is ideal for those who want to specialize or become experts in their field.



A proficient-level course is designed for students who have demonstrated a high level of mastery of the subject matter. It emphasizes advanced skills and knowledge, as well as critical thinking and innovation. To assist students in their professional development, the course may include research projects, case studies, and mentorship. This course is ideal for those who want to be leaders in their fields or make significant contributions to their profession.